The Horn You’ve Been Waiting For

What professionals are saying about the best new option for serious horn students and professionals alike.

Jennifer Kummer

Symphonic & Session Horn Artist

“The tone color between the two sides feel and sound alike, a rare find among any horn I have ever played.”

Rachel Velvikis

Symphonic & Session Horn Artist

“The sound of the XO horn is like velvet, and the ease of transitioning between registers remarkably smooth.”

Perfection Can’t Be Rushed

The reimagined one-piece F tube is produced from a groundbreaking new 3D bending process, allowing notes to slot more easily while providing outstanding overall response.

The Details Matter

Precisely engineered valves with traditional string linkage and phosphor bronze bottom caps provide smooth, quiet, fast action from the first day out of the case and for years to come.

The XO Brass Double Horn

Years in the making, the XO Brass Double Horn is precisely engineered with an excellent response and brilliant tone. The one-piece leadpipe and unique F side tube offer the player flexibility and unimpeded fluidity throughout the registers while advanced ergonomics ensure maximum comfort for the most intense rehearsals and long hours in the practice room. The valve casings and mechanism have been reassessed in every detail and updated to achieve the highest possible performance and reliability. The XO Brass Double Horn is the horn you’ve been waiting for.

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Continuous F Side Tube

Ergonomic Comfort

One-Piece Leadpipe

String Linkages and Phosphor Bronze Bottom Caps

Elegant Esthetic

Astounding Fit and Finish

Rich, Clear Tone

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